DIY Halloween Treats & Treasures: Spooky Cookie Pops

spooky cookie pops

That is Treats & Treasures Halloween Mini-Series on Craftsy. Craftsy is bringing you five days of sweet treats and spine-tingling crafts that are perfect for a frightfully fun time. Each day, our instructors will demonstrate new Halloween-inspired projects that are so simple, even the undead could make them! Download the free projects below—if you dare!

Here is Maddie Gartman, she has a cookie business called Guardy Goodies and she decorates cookies. What she’s going to show you guys today is how to make adorable spooky cookie pops. Actually, they are not really that spooky, they’re more cure than spooky, who doesn’t love a cookie on a stick and that make for like the most adorable social media picture, you can just picture that on Facebook with the little ones.

So let’s get started by going through what we’re going to need:

  • A roll of roll our sugar cookie
  • Some lollipop sticks
  • A little scraper
  • The templates (download from the given link)
  • Royal icing with five different colors: orange, black, pink, red, and white

Firstly, you need to chill your dough in the fridge overnight. Chilling your dough is key for making sure that you have a cookie that keeps its shape nicely and this is a great way to avoid having to buy a ton of new cookie cutters.

The next step is to get a little pen blade to lay the templates you prepared. Remember to use parchment paper to make sure the cookie doesn’t stick to your countertop.