Have You Watched All The Best Halloween Movies 2022 ?

Hi, my name’s Emma and let’s talk spooky stuff. It’s October, and if you’re looking for. Something to watch this Halloween season, you’ve come to the right place because today I have the longest list of what to watch on VOD.Video on demand this month, so many new horror movies and TV shows to. Feast on with your little eyeballs. And because this list
is so long, I’ve done. You are solid and I’ve opened it up for everyone this month. I’ve left the list of everything I’m going to talk about today down below. But you want to keep watching because I’ll be able to explain it to you, give you some snippets without giving away anything. So this is spoiler free and it’s.

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A way for you to decide what you want to focus your time on be cause there’s a lot. I’m also doing this in chronological order because I listened to you and some. Of your feedback was that you would. Like to see this in order this month. Usually we chop and change so we can get a cool flow of things, but let me know if you like. This way a little bit better. But before we get into it, I just want to thank today’s sponsor, which is me. My merch is live. Some of you have noticed I’ve been wearing this in the last couple of videos. This has been a long time coming. I finally have my own merch shop. This is official merch that is sourced locally.

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So I’m super excited to announce that my merch shop is now live. It’s just spookyastronauts.com. If you want to go check it out, there’s some really fun mugs there. If you see the mug that was me. I designed that mug. You’ll see it when you see it, you’ll know. But I know why you’re here. So let’s jump straight in to what to watch this month on VOD streaming.The Interview with the vampire TV series is finally dropping on AMC.Plus, this month the eight episode drama fantasy series is based on Anne Rice’s iconic novel. Season one will follow Lewis De Point’s epic story of love, blood and the perils of immortality. As told by journalist Daniel Malloy, the Chucky TV series is back for season two after receiving positive reviews for the initial reboot series.

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In this season, Chucky follows our lead, jake to a facility for violent youths and is up to his old tricks. Keep an eye out for this one. Streaming on Scifi from 5 October. Mr.Harrigan’s phone drops on Netflix this month. The Horror is based on a short story by Stephen King starring Donald Sutherland and Jaden Martell. The film follows Craig, a lonely teen who befriends an older man who suddenly dies. But after the old man’s burial, he receives a text from him 6ft under. As the tagline says, some connections never die, and I can’t wait to watch this one. It’s on Netflix from the fifth. If you’re looking for something a little bit lighter this October, Reginald the Vampire is a new horror comedy that follows an unlikely hero who tumbles into a world populated by beautiful but vain vampires. Now he must navigate his new life and come to terms with his power. This one hit Scifi on the fifth.

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If you haven’t heard about Dead Stream yet, clear your calendars. This film is about to cause a bit of a buzz. I saw this one earlier in the year at a film festival, and it’s a solid found footage with plenty of surprises. The movie follows a disgraced internet personality who attempts to win back his followers by live streaming overnight at a haunted location.

But what starts out as a fun. Gag soon spirals into fullblown horror. This is a fun, fast paced ride with a lot of twists. Check it out on shut up. From the 6 October. And for the next one, which is a highly anticipated series, I’m going to let a very special guest and friend of the channel introduce it. Thank you, Emma, and hi, everyone. I’m Mike Flanagan, the Creator of Midnight Club. Midnight Club is based on the books by Christopher Pike, which I loved growing up as a teenager in the 90s.

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This is a show I’ve wanted to make since I was very young, and it’s different than anything else I’ve ever gotten to work on. This is about a group of terminally ill teenagers who lived together in a very strange and mysterious hospice and meet up every night at midnight in the gothic library of the hospice to tell each other scary stories. I hope you enjoy this show. Like I said, it’s very different than anything else I’ve ever done. This is my first attempt at a Ya show, but this is something I’ve wanted to see out there in the world since I was a teenager who just consumed those awesome Christopher Pike paperbacks every chance I possibly could get. Thanks so much, Emma, and I hope you all enjoy the show and that you enjoy Spooky Season.

Thanks, Mike. I cannot wait to check that out, but the list goes on. At last, the one we’ve all been waiting for. Pinhead’s return. Hellrazer is back and unlike you’ve ever seen it before with this new take on Clive Barker’s 1987 classic where a young woman receives an ancient puzzle box releasing darkness. And of course, we get the first ever female presenting Pinhead in the Hellbound heart. The original source material for for Hellraiser Pinhead was unnamed and described as androgynous I’m excited to see this one when it drops on Hulu on the 7th. I’ve heard great things and you know, Jesus wept. This one looks juicy. The drama mystery thriller Luckiest Girl Alive is based on a novel by Justinol and is about a woman living in New York who seems to have things under control when she is faced with a trauma that unravels her whole life. The film runs just under 2 hours and stars Finn Whitrock, Mila Kunis and Connie Britton. It drops on Netflix on the 7th.

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Significant Other is a drama scifi thriller that’s filmed in Silver Falls in Oregon. It’s marketed as a winding supernatural thriller starring Michael Monroe. The film is about a young couple who backpacks through the remote Pacific Northwest and begin to encounter sinister events, which leads them to discover that the area they’re in is not what it seems. The movie will be streaming on Paramount Plus from the 7th. Glitch is a new Netflix comedy Sci-Fi mystery with a horror edge. whose boyfriend goes missing one night under an unidentified light. I think you know where this is going. She attempts to track down his whereabouts with the help of a local UFO club, but uncovers secrets bigger than she ever could have imagined.
Glitch touches down on Netflix on the 7th. This one I have been waiting for for a while because it sounds deliciously creepy. The Visitor is about Robert, who after a series of tragedies, moves with his wife into her childhood home, but soon makes a terrifying discovery. He finds an old portrait of his likeness in the attic of his wife’s family home. This horror thriller will be released on October 7 on VOD, and then the movie will move to epics in December. I’m not sure how I feel about this next one. Let the Right One In is now a TV series.
The American drama horror series is based on the Swedish novel of the same name and follows a twelve year old girl who lives a private life after turning into a vampire, only able to go out at night. One evening she meets a new friend.
Okay, this next one is really interesting. Directed and written by John Ross, grim Cuddy, a title my dyslexia hates, is a modern creature feature about an internet entity called Grim Cuddy.
This entity stirs up panic amongst parents of impressionable kids, convinced that it’s influencing them to harm each other or themselves. Asha is swept up by the craze until she realizes that Grim Cuddy is real and she must find the source and put an end to the entity before it ends. Her. The horror thriller seems to have undeniable links to Momo, who took over the Internet a few years ago. It should be really interesting how this subject matter is handled because the original blurb is very graphic. Just think about the name.
Be warned, this one hits Hulu on the 10th. Set in Paris in the 80s, Deep Fear follows three students that decide to celebrate their graduation by visiting the Paris catacombs. Inside, they discover a hidden bunker. The horror is a coproduction between Belgium and France and is also known as Bunker Seven.

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One seven. The movie will be released on VOD on the 11th. This next one made headlines when it was announced, for obvious reasons. Based on the Spirit Halloween stores across America, the film follows a new Spirit Halloween store opening up in a deserted strip mall and three friends who decide to challenge themselves to a night locked inside. The film has an amazing cast, including Christopher Lloyd, Marla Gibbs and Rachel Lee Cook. This one will be available on rental platforms from the 11th. In an interesting turn of events, Supernatural is back. Well, kind of.

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The Winchesters is a spin off prequel series featuring the story of John and Mary, Dean and Sam’s parents. This is said to be their untold love story that saved the world. The new series is 13 episodes long and is released one episode at a time. The trailer is a bit soapy. I’m a little bit surprised. But hey, let’s not judge. We’ll wait until we see the show premieres on CW on the 11th. Shudder has acquired dark glasses. Dario Jenter’s latest horror movie, the Italian movie, follows Diana, a woman who has lost her sight and with the help of a new friend, decides to track down a dangerous killer through the darkness of Rome. This modern Gialo is a wellwelcomed return for the director and his daughter. Asia Agenda also stars in the film. The movie hit Shutter on the 13th. Evil dies tonight. Maybe.
I don’t know. We’ll see.
This will be the final installment of the trilogy sequel to the original.